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Bigstuff High Performance is the experimental, developmental, innovative, creative branch of Team Bigstuff Racing.  This site showcases the projects of the Team Bigstuff members, including but not limited to race-tuned T-Jets.  Please check out the links below to see what we're doing.

Thanks and enjoy the site!

Project Description Date
Paperboy/Fray-style race modified Rolls Royce. 10/2000
Beach goin' panel van.  Body by J&B Custom Cruisers. 10/2000
JL Fairlane Stocker Police Car Conversion. 07/2000
JJ's Projects Page - Featuring his race setups and customs. 07/2000
Earl Harris' Page - Custom tuning and other projects. 08/2000
The first Team car.  Race tuned to Vintage HO Racing specs. 05/2000
Custom painted racer. Legal for VHORS. 07/2000
Race modified '40 Lincoln. (it's pretty mean) 12/2000
Something you don't see every day. Cut, lowered, ready to race. 12/2000
JJ's compass magnet matching apparatus. 11/2000
How to race tune a T-Jet:  JJ's Method 12/2000
A lot of people have been asking to see this.  So here's the slammed '55 Bel Air. 01/2001
Ed P.'s RRR Racejet GT40 Project. 02/2001
My Rattler Mark 2. 05/2001
My homemade magnet matcher. 09/2000

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