RRR RaceJet GT40 

This car turns consistantly competitive laps at Newmarket Hills Raceway, and has earned a permanent spot in my race box. The project started with the RRR GT40. 

Part Installed
Chassis Stock T-Jet 
Magnets Stock T-Jet (shimmed)
Brushes Thunder Brushes 
Shoes/Springs Stock
Armature Stock (Red/Gray) 
Gearing Stock
Front End Wizzard brass indepenent, .360 tires
Rear End Aurora Hot Rod axle with .380 ThunderRubbers
Guide Pin BSRT delrin replacement

The car started life as a stock RaceJet GT40 on a skinny tire chassis. It wasn't ran this way long and was soon under the knife (dremel to be exact) for it's first makeover. The car had it's mounting posts cut down to lower the car, and it's rear wheel wells ground slightly to allow the mounting of new rear rubber. The stock skinny axle in the rear was replaced with an A/FX hot rod axle with AJ's press on rims and Tom Heister X-Low's for rolling stock. The front was replaced with a parts box delrin type independent front end. This was soon replaced with Wizzard's brass front end set, and the rears were changed to a pair of fairly tall (.430) silicone foam rears. This configuration (as pictured above) was run for a while and performed reasonably well...until.... 

my package from JB arrived. Those tall rear tires were immediately replaced with a pair of .380 ThunderRubbers. Handling of the car improved once again. As you can see, BRP Hubcaps have also been added. This car has alot of torque and the Hubcaps seem to help handling.

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