Rattler Mark 2

This is the second generation of the Rattler slot car by Ed Bianchi (HO Race Pro).  It is a slide guide equipped HO slot car that will run on routed, commercial, or 1/32 & 1/24 plastic sectional track.  I have #55 of 500.  My Teammate JJ has #54.  With a little grinding on the slide guide, it runs great on my Scalextric 1/32 track.  I find it easy to drive on standard Scalextric wall power.  Since the rails are magnetic steel, the exposed motor magnets hold the car pretty firmly to the track, and I think hold it back some too.  Can't what to try it when I get me routed tri-oval.

Part Installed
Chassis Rattler Mk. 2
Magnets stock in can motor
Brushes stock in can motor
Shoes/Springs Slide Guide
Armature ???
Gearing direct drive
Front End Rattler independent
Rear End Wizzard LAW
Guide Pin Slide Guide
This is my Rattler.  It has the Ferrari 312 PB body in gold w/ red stripe.  The meatballs are still blank.  Not sure what to put in them.  Maybe a simple #1.
Here's a front 3/4 shot.  I managed to capture the reflection to get the rear 3/4 shot.
Here it is coming right at you.  Notice the driver's head is turned to the left.  Kinda neat.
Here it is from the rear. The wing looks a little crooked, but that's due to the wire that has to run over the motor.
I think the whole paint job is great, but it's the driver detail that makes it special.  The black lens on the facemask is awesome.
From here you can see the details of the driver's gloves and seat belt.  Very nice!
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