Surfin' USA - Custom Panel Van

This is a Panel Van created by J&B Custom Cruisers (based in Long Island).  This is just one of many great bodies that Jeff & Brian produce.  Their '57 Chevy is also in the Team Bigstuff race box.  The main reason I got this car was that is a body style that lends itself to being slammed.  I look for any body that room above the gear plate in the rear.  With no glass or trunk to get in the way, bodies can be lowered to the point of scraping the track.  And that's what I did with this car.

Part Installed
Chassis Stock T-Jet
Magnets Stock T-Jet (Matched)
Brushes Thunder Brushes
Shoes/Springs Stock
Armature Stock T-Jet
Gearing Stock
Front End BSRT Aluminum independent, .375 tires, steel #40 nuts and washers for spacers
Rear End AFX rear axle, stock Tyco rear hubs, Tyco lo-pro silicones (from NJ Nostalgia Hobby)
Guide Pin Stock
A day at the beach...
Nothing like a day at the beach.  If I had room for more of the image, you'd see that there is a beach behind van, and the blue stuff is water.  The surfboards were sacrificed from a couple of pull back Woodies.  This stark white car was calling for something to add interest.  I think the board on top did the trick!
Side view of SLAMMED panel van
As you can see from this side view, the body (especially noticeable under the rear bumber) is a scant few millimeters off the track.  This is a looooow-rider.  Since this is a very heavy body, lowering the center of gravity is a more important function than just cool looks.
Head On
From this shot you can see the beach and water better.  You can also see how the BSRT aluminum independent front end puts the tires completely outside the fenders, which prevents the need to hog out the front wheel wells.  If you like the white tires, I'm afraid you can't get them any more.  Well, not from BSRT anyway--they don't make 'em any more.  You'll have to rummage through you local hobby shops or slot car show vendors to find them.  This front is actually designed for the SG+ chassis, and is held in place with steel hex nuts for spacers.
View from above and behind
The van looks very stout at this angle, with the rear tires sticking out like that.  The rear axle is AFX, with stock Tyco hubs, and Tyco low profile slip on silicon tires from Nostalgia Hobby.  I put a good chassis underneath this body, but I think the weight prevents it from seeing it's full potentional.
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