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The Team Bigstuff AMX was a project undertaken by the 3 Team racers.  The idea was to create three identical Team cars (#0 - JJ, #1 - Mr. Bigstuff, #2 - Fryguy).  The bodies are lime green Road Race Replicas AMX RaceJets.  The chassis started out as T-Jet Hot Rods.  JJ prepped the bodies, while Fryguy and I prepped the chassis.  Final body and chassis tuning was done by each Team member.

Part Installed
Chassis Stock T-Jet
Magnets Stock T-Jet (Matched)
Brushes Thunder Brushes
Shoes/Springs Stock
Armature Stock T-Jet (gold/gray, 17.1, 17.2, 17.3)
Gearing Stock
Front End Wizzard brass independent front end for T-Jets, .360 tires
Rear End T-Jet Hot Rod rear axle, Thunder Rubbers .370
Guide Pin Stock
3/4 shot of Rolls Royce Racer
This is my car, the #1 car.  Of the 3 Team Bigstuff AMX's this is the lowest, lightest one.  The body was lightened with a variety of Dremel bits from grinding stones to wire brush.  Through this process the body has been warped and beaten.  The door panels hug the body more than a normal AMX, it takes a stance that almost makes it look like it's not an AMX, and the hood was cracked and repaired during it.  A coat of Pactra Indy Silver covers the repairs.
Side view of Rolls Royce
I'm proud of how low I was able to get the body--notice you cannot see the chassis of shoes behind the front tire.  I actually lowered the rear too much.  I had to examine the Vintage HO Racing Series rules to see what was allowed.  I wanted to use a #40 washer, but the repair to the post needed to be plastic, so I used some scrap plastic that was on another runner of mine that also needed a post extention.  I super glued it on and the car was good to go.
Head On
This car has a wide, aggressive stance, and a low center of gravity.  That is what helps make this one of my best race cars.  At the 11/12/2000 Paperboy Race, this car made a terrific showing.  It is seriously dialed in to the Paperboy Raceway!
View from above and behind
If you think the body is sitting crooked, you're right.  I didn't lower the rear as straight as I should have, but the car still runs very well.  If it ain't broke....
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